Client Zone

This section contains instructional information and forms for clients.


If you’re working with Dana Nahai or establishing yourself as a new client, there are some crucial - yet simple - steps you can take to advance your game in nutritional wellness.

At the top of that list:

  1. Establish A Food Record

  2. Complete Demographic Survey

  3. Request/Share Relevant Medical Labwork


  1. Figure out how you are going to record. The Notes app on your smart phone works well because your mobile device may often be at your side, but some people prefer pen to paper. So long as you can email it to me prior to our meeting the choice is yours.

  2. You are going to record everything you have to eat or drink, along with the time of day. Don’t worry about quantities unless you feel it would be helpful (ie: “brownie” versus “half the box of bite sized brownies”). If noting a convenience food, do your best to note the brand (ie- Kashi® crackers, Larabar® snack bar, etc). If you eat a mixed plate like a salad, omelet or stir fry include the ingredients. Record every sip of water, piece of gum, and breath mint. If the water is fizzy or flavored make a note of it.

  3. Be honest. The more information I can get up front, the better this partnership will work for you. There is no such thing as a normal food week, and most people consume with frequency foods like coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and wine. Remember, you have signed up to learn how to eat. There are no demerits for your perceived failures with doing so.

  4. If you are being evaluated for bowel irregularities then please include bowel symptoms on your record. Examples: “2:30pm: loose stool”, or a note at the end of a day mentioning “no bowel movement again today, tight stomach, bloating”. You get the gist.

  5. Record as close to your actual meal times as you can. This promotes accuracy.

  6. Ideally email me your record within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment.


TAKE DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEY AND SHARE HEALTH HISTORY. ToGETHER, we’ll CUSTOMIZE a plan that is sustainable for your goals and lifestyle.