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“Good health is like a bank account. You get out of it what you put in, and it’s the small, daily deposits made over time that yield a lifetime of wellbeing. Health is not austerity. It’s about ensuring your deposits are always in excess of the expenditures.”
-Dana Nahai, RDN, LD

It’s just food, right? A simple matter, three times a day.
Then why does it seem so hard?

You want to live better, feel better, and be healthy. Maybe you’ve tried eating better, but it’s not been consistent. Perhaps you’ve relapsed into old, destructive routines. You want to succeed but health feels hard, echoing loss and moping through your mind like sad snacks and small.dinner plates. But you want more energy, less aches and pains, and to walk down the street without being reminded how long since you last exercised. To live well and fully, something must be done.

Everyone experiences needing a restart, even the most health conscious. Maybe you’ve had a celebration, ate and drank royally, and extended that food party far past its expiration date. Or perhaps you’re fully capable of a few nourishing plates, but have yet to master months of these on end. Regardless of what’s been going on in your days, months and years, there’s no doubt you’ve been busy; there’s nothing fighting harder to topple your health success than being busy.

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Let’s be clear. You can be healthy. Not the misleading internet version of health, but your own manageable, recognizable, feels-good-to-be-you version of wellbeing.


Your busy life may be breathlessly constrained, but there’s still a place for effective, longterm change. No special diet plan, phone app, or membership required.

You claim yourself back one meal, one walk, and one full night of sleep at a time; extra credit for firing up the stove, titrating down the sweet tooth, and second guessing that extra juice or cocktail.

An excess of poor behavior leaves a mark, but you can fast track your dietary comeback with a consistent, workable routine that accounts for your personal lifestyle needs.

You’ve got to make a plan and it’s got to be your own plan, because in order to succeed you have to recognize yourself on the other side of healthy.

So how do you make good health happen with your food, your schedule, and your life?

Start by following along right here.


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